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About Us

It is safe to say Amber Giorgi was born in the saddle. She grew up on the Historic Nojoqui Falls Ranch (owned and operated by her family since 1896) and is the fourth generation of her family to be “tending the herd” from the back of a horse. No stranger to long hours in the saddle, as soon as she was old enough to walk she was on the back of her own pony, as feisty as it may have been, chasing cows around.  By High School, much to her parent’s pride, yet strain on their pocket book, she announced her desire to join the High School Rodeo team.  “I was told that there were plenty of horses out on that hill, go use one of them if you want, we’ll cover entry fees.”  Grade pasture horses and not one of them had any formal training, Amber went on to qualify for the Finals all 3 years she competed on her self made mare Smokey.  “This taught me the importance of patience, and the understanding that all horses are individuals with different athletic abilities and mental capabilities, and we as trainers need to make a program to fit them, not the other way around.”  Listening, finding, and building each horse’s strengths is Amber’s skill.  Post High School graduation, Amber dove into Cutting, and shortly after, Sandy Collier sparked her interest in reining.  Juggling College, work, and starting her first batch of colts she decided that training was the direction for her and the barn filled up.  Amber now specializes in colt starting, Training and Teaching.  She has an unsurpassable zest and enthusiasm for life and learning.  She thoroughly enjoys meeting new people daily, and traveling the world each and every opportunity she gets! She is currently finishing up her pilots license; and looking forward to her next crop of colts.

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